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What are your low whistles?

Add info about your low whistles here, so as we can see who has what.   I'll start with my present collection..... Tony Dixon Trad brass in...
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What is the first ornamentation a beginner should add to their playing?

What would you say the first simple fingering 'ornament' should be that a beginner would do best to add as a start from just plain blowing the...
@Strumelia started 6 months ago - replies: 1

Quietening a whistle.

On another forum, there was a discussion about making whistles quieter for practicing at home, I tried out a couple of them, but only one seemed...
@Keith started 9 months ago - replies: 1

Is that Christmas Carol public domain?...

Many holiday carols are listed here:...
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A few useful links concerning public domain music...

Here is a great page of easy to understand, general guidelines and information about public domain vs. copyrighted music from Wiki:...
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Festival with Beginners Class

The Winter Creek Reunion and Acoustic Festival in Bennington, OK will have an introductory class in penny whistle this year.  Dates are Oct 4-7
@Papasims started last year - replies: 0

What is your source of learning?

Just wondering how other beginners are going about the learning process. Are you watching YouTube vids/teachers, if so which ones?  Do you have a...
@Papasims started last year - replies: 6

Playing in an Old-time music jam

Yesterday I went to a large party of old-time musicians.  I took my banjo (which is how I most comfortably play old-time music with others) but I...
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Martha Campbell

What is the LOWEST key of whistle you've ever played?

Tell us about the LOWEST whistle you've ever had a chance to try out or own?   Tell us why you liked it ...or didn't like it.   And if you owned...
@Martha Campbell started last year - replies: 7
Martha Campbell

At what key is a whistle considered "LOW"?

I know a high D whistle is considered normal or high.  And a low D whistle is considered 'low'. Is there an official key where a whistle switches...
@Martha Campbell started last year - replies: 4
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