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    What's that crazy bug doing on the yellow FOTMD button? Many of us here realize that "FOTMD" means 'Friends of the Mountain Dulcimer'. However.... Few know that the Lesser Hairy Toed Fotmd is also a most rare and elusive nocturnal moth of Madagascar, last collected as a living specimen in 1888. More recently, dessicated specimens have been extracted from the dust bunnies found in the lower bout of a Civil War era Appalachian dulcimer residing in the uncatalogued basement collection of the Ladies Medicinal Vegetable Compound Museum of New Bedford MA. Known to feed on the fermented fungal residue of 'pre-revival' hide glue, the gentle Fotmd is feared to be extinct due to the commercial move to Super and Gorilla glue. Legend has it that the tiny male Fotmd would emit a singular humming drone-like mating call in the musical pitch of low "C" during certain phases of the moon. If no female appeared by the third night of his lonely piping, the inconsolable male would end its own life by throwing itself under the path of a moving noter.

    (Note: All proceeds from FOTMD button sales go towards Strumelia's personal BREAKFAST BACON FUND)...