Playing in an Old-time music jam

08/13/18 10:41:28AM

Yesterday I went to a large party of old-time musicians.  I took my banjo (which is how I most comfortably play old-time music with others) but I never took it out of its case. I was in a small jam of 5 good (and non-threatening) friends (LOL) with one of them on banjo, so I felt comfortable enough to play only the bones and do a little experimenting on my pennywhistle.

They played in key of G, fairly simple oldtime tunes. I was playing my (non-shrieky) JerryFreeman "Mellow Dog" brass D whistle in the key of G.  I didn't feel very confident so I played simple notes with almost no ornamentation, and not too loud.

Well, I'd like to say I did well.... but I must confess that I feel I stank for the most part.  I didn't achieve many of the notes I was aiming for, and the little melody passages i got right were incredibly boring and lifeless.

DANG!  It simply showed me that i need to buckle down and PRACTICE.  This stuff, even very simple melody playing of tunes i may not know, will only go adequately once I automatically know where those notes in my head are on my whistle.    headbang    I wish I was retired already, so I'd have a few more precious hours in the week to practice my various instruments.... including penny whistle.  sigh

Anyone else have this same kind of experience?